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Go global with Oban International and Econsultancy training course

Do you have aspirations to go global online? Or do you want to boost your understanding of the online world?

If so, our one-day course with Econsultancy on the 20th November will equip you with the knowledge and tools to understand and apply the main principles of International SEO and PPC campaigns.

Let Oban International show you the major differences in search behaviours, trends and search engines. Learn how to improve international campaigns by applying local insight to your digital strategies. Find out the secrets to maximising your conversion rate on international websites for optimum performance.

If that’s not enough, we’ll also be offering best practice guidelines, future trends backed by research, real-world examples and applications. Making this course essential for anyone interested in improving and optimising international online platforms.

The topics we cover include:

Getting the basics right

Identifying international opportunities
Localisation vs. translation
Keyword research – ensuring natural linguistics
Ads and messaging

Local search engines and social media platforms from around the world

The global landscape
Yandex and Baidu in-depth analysis
International social media

Site structures and technical considerations for international websites

Subdomains, subfolders and country code top-level domains
Handling multiple languages and duplicate content
Migrating global sites

Multilingual content marketing principles and strategies 

Content, user intent and search
Content planning and calendars
Placing and pushing your content
Measuring success

Cultural conversion rate and usability

Colours, design and other considerations
International usability
Cultural conversion testing – cultural multi-variate testing (MVT)

About the trainers:

John Sellwood, Account Director, Oban International
With more than 10 years in digital marketing, John joined Oban in 2012 with a wealth of experience from senior marketing posts in the FS sector running search functions and overseeing significant digital design and build projects. John is highly experienced in developing international strategy alongside some of the largest global brands including Citrix, Aberdeen Asset Management and Lloyds TSB International.

John’s highly detailed knowledge covers all aspects of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) both domestically and internationally, including some of the very specific considerations required for a cross-border digital presence.  Despite a strong analytical approach it’s the human behaviours behind the data that led John to Oban International – where he’s helped many clients understand how a bespoke approach can drive a more authentic and profitable presence in diverse markets.

Emily Mace, Head of SEO, Oban International
Emily works on the overall strategy and development of international SEO campaigns for clients. She focusses on the development of strategies to help clients achieve the best results and provide meaningful insights into their ROI for different campaigns and goals. Emily comes from an SEO and IT training background. Her experience includes working alongside brands including BBC Worldwide, SportsDirect, Randstad Recruitment UK and easyCar.

When: 20th November 2015
Where: Etc. Venues, London, UK
Investment: £595 per person
Book now by clicking on this link here to secure your place!